Area 1 Multi-Gun Championship

Hosted by the Parma Rod and Gun Club in Idaho.

Match Sponsored by MGM Targets

Registration for the Area 1 Multigun Championships IS CLOSED

There is a waiting list if you would like to sign up and hope for the best.  It is on the Parma Rod and Gun Club website, under Special Events or you can link from here.

The 2011 Area 1 Multi-Gun Championships will be held October 8-9, 2011 at the Parma Rod and Gun Club (  The Match will consist of 12 stages of rifle, shotgun and pistol fun that will be shot over the course of all day Saturday and half-day Sunday, and will conclude with a trophy-only awards ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

Scoring for the match will be USPSA’s provisional “Time Plus Penalties” format.

As of Sept 20, 2011, the break down of competitors by the divisions is as follows:

Open:  20

Tactical:  83

Limited:  1

HM-Limited:  1

Per Appendix A2, there must be a minimum of 10 competitors per Division, so we will only be able to recognize Open and Tactical divisions.  We will also recognize those Special Categories that we have at least 5 registered shooters.

Stages:  NROI has approved all 12 stages, and those are posted to the Parma website.  Everything will be scored using USPSA’s provisional “Time Plus” scoring method, so you might want to bone up on the scoring requirements in the Dec 15, 2010 Multi-Gun Addendum.

Match Round Count: 

Rifle:               117 rifle

Pistol:              140

Shotgun:          131 (birdshot)

Slugs:              14

Total of 402 rounds (if you don’t miss)

Match Set-up:  Match set-up will occur on Friday, Oct 7th.  Stages will be available for viewing, but please be courteous to the Match Staff while they are working (be warned, you may be recruited to help if you get too close…).

RM/RO Walk Thru:  To save time on Saturday, we’ve scheduled the RM/RO walk-thru for 1700 hrs on Friday, Oct 7th.  We should be done with set-up by then, and it’ll give us a chance to proof the stages.

Hotels: There are links on PRGC’s website to some hotels in Ontario, OR that are honoring the PRGC’s group rate.  Hotels

Match Booklet:  The match booklet will be posted here as soon as it is completed.

Match Schedule:

Check-in:  We’re planning on having check-in run from 0600-0700 on the morning of Saturday Oct 8th, before the Shooter’s Meeting.

Squadding:  During check-in, competitors will have an opportunity to sign up for one of the 10 squads with a max of 10 people per squad.  One RO will be assigned to each squad, and that will be your squad for the duration of the match.  Our intention is that the Squad RO will keep everyone moving along, read the WSB, administer the 5 min walk-thru period, and facilitate a smooth match for your squad.  Our two RM’s (Travis Gibson and Chuck Anderson) will be available for assistance if needed.

Shooter’s Meeting: Will commence at 0700 hrs on Saturday, Oct 8th, and I promise to keep it short.

Shooting will commence immediately thereafter and hopefully we can get all the squads thru at least 7 (preferably 8) stages by the end of the first day.

Lunch:  It will be up to the Squad RO to schedule a lunch break between stages, and we’ll make arrangements for the PRGC Grill Masters to serve lunch between 1130-1300 hrs at the very reasonable rate that PRGC charges for lunch.

Sunday:  We’ll need a half hour or so to calibrate steel, paint stuff, replace targets, then hope to be shooting by 0730 the next morning with the goal of being done with the remaining stages by 1400 hrs.

Preliminary scores will be posted at the club house as close to 1400 hrs as possible, then we wait out the mandatory 1 hr appeals period.  I’m anticipating that we’ll be able to start the awards ceremony around 1500 or 1530 hrs.

Awards and Prizes:  This is a Trophy-Only match, but we’ve received a number of very cool donations from some even cooler vendors that will be given away via raffle.  Raffle tickets will be included in the shooter’s packages for you to fill out and put in the raffle bucket at Check-in.

Please don’t forget to thank our sponsors!



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