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Welcome to the Area 1 website.  Area 1 encompasses the Northwestern states including, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada.

If you are new to shooting USPSA, take a look at the getting started section.  Once you’re ready to shoot you can find a club near you with the club locator.

When you’re ready to start shooting bigger matches, you can find them under the major match calendar.

Area 1 News

2014 Area 1 Pistol announced
2014 Area 1 Pistol Championships will be held in Benton City, WA on May 15-18 2014. See the web site at http://area1championship.com for...
Berry’s Area 1 Championship – Update #1
See the whole update here: http://mim.io/26df02?fe=1&pact=6667182135 Highlights: Berry’s is match Title Sponsor 12 not 14 stages squadding options lots of shooting, demo bays, including full...
2012 Area 1 Championship Newsletter #1
I will be sending bi-weekly newsletter updates about the match. They are delivered by e-mail, or you can read it online here: http://mim.io/b521d1?fe=1&pact=5727927458 If you...

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